About us

Rover is the marketplace for shared parking.

You can get all the details about what we do at roverparking.com

People often refer to Rover as the airBnB of parking, as we are creating a brand new supply of parking from space not traditionally associated with public access. These include spaces such as personal driveways, churches, schools and business.

Rover is also creating a better overall parking methodology by moving parking away from a centralized “lots” based model to a fully dispersed and distributed approach, having tremendously positive impacts on cities and their communities.

  • Rover helps to reduce vehicle emissions, often by over 30%
  • It creates a 0 cost infrastructure footprint, alleviating the need to tax funded parking structures
  • Its helps to support cost effective mobility solutions such as public transit and ride and bike sharing
  • And it can even lead to reductions in health care spending by promoting last mile solutions that favour activity and exercise

Rover makes it easy to put parking spots in places they are needed most. But more importantly Rover is making a real difference in peoples lives, promoting friendliness and sharing all across the nation.